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Though the unofficial word has been around for awhile, Ikkicon has OFFICIALLY announced our cosplay guests!

Cloaked Schemer

2003 marked her first convention, Nimbus 2003, where she dressed as Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter. In September 2006, Kayla was introduced to her first anime convention: Anime Weekend Atlanta, which was her first time costuming anime. Since then, she has made a point to attend as many conventions as financially possible and by doing so, has made some of her best friends. After AWA, she taught herself to sew and in the months that followed, her costuming skills evolved. She has made a point of learning all she can so that she can make even more complicated costumes in the future. To date, Kayla has made well over sixty costumes and still loves it. Working full time and finishing her novel for publication, time can sometimes be an issue, but she's always up for a challenge and is currently in progress of making several other Trinity Blood costumes.

Yaya "Angelic Star" Han

"Over the past 7 years, Yaya has made a name for herself in the world of cosplay and costuming. After discovering cosplay at her first con, she quickly absorbed the heart and soul of costume design and creation. To this day she has made over 60 costumes, with more to come!Her intricate and lavish creations have won awards and acclaim nationwide; she has taught a multitude of panels on costume craftsmanship, presentation, makeup, wigs and more; she has traveled to conventions within and outside of the USA as guest and costume contest judge. Yaya is looking forward to Ikkicon 2008 with great enthusiasm and would like to share her knowledge and experience in the fields of cosplay and costume design with everyone! For more information, visit www.angelicstar.net"

Limit Break Cosplay

Gren is still something of a newcomer to the cosplay community, but she's doing everything she can to make herself known. She first became interested in costumes as a child, when her mother would sew her costumes for Halloween. Once she learned of cosplay at her first con,her interest in sewing really took off. She is almost entirely self taught, and always eager to learn new things. Currently, Gren spends her days flippantly changing from major to major at the University of Texas at Dallas, and working on bringing her artistic skills up to a professional level.

Cherry has been cosplaying about six or seven years now, and doesn't intend on stopping for some time. For awhile, she believed she was doing cosplay for the wrong reasons and nearly quit until Limit Break was formed and began to make the hobby fun again. Her personal website, www.candyhearts.nethas fifty plus costumes listed on it, though in her cosplay career has made many more with the assistance of her mother, though now her costumes are made by herself.. She now enjoys the construction and acting aspect of cosplay as she delves more into the theater community in her day to day life. Props master for the Kingwood College Theater Department, she one day hopes to run her own business that involves costuming and acting. Acting itself is her first and foremost love, and hopes to persue it on the side of whatever she accomplishes.

Space Invader

Space Invader is an award-winning cosplayer who has been attending conventions since 2001, and cosplaying since 2002. She is known in the cosplay community mainly for her intricate detail work and wig styling.Between bouts of mutilating wigs, hording sparklies and shoes and wrestling fabric to the ground, she leads a normal civilian life(a.k.a. work, school, more work, more school, and occasional sleeping).Space feels like she has a lot of knowledge (and amusing stories) toshare and is delighted that she has a chance to do so!




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